The premier American tape supply store Tape Jungle is now launching a UK website. It will allow clients in the United Kingdom to create and purchase a range of custom-printed tapes. UK residents will be able to design their custom packing tape in 3D. Convenient online services allow clients to submit designs at any time and checkout within minutes.

From small businesses to large warehouses and design agencies in the UK, Tape Jungle is the perfect place to buy secure packaging materials that double as unique advertising.

Tape Jungle UK

Tape Jungle has over 20 years of industry experience and is trusted by thousands of brands. Tape Jungle plans to expand that service and industry-leading technology globally starting in the United Kingdom.

Through the company, you can order a variety of different tape types and design every detail of your own custom printed tape or allow our expert designers to provide bespoke mockups and quotes for your brand and budget. You can order a few dozen rolls to over 1,000 rolls. The bigger the order, the lower the cost per roll.

Custom packing tape orders take about 3 weeks to arrive. If you need support, you can contact Tape Jungle through email, phone, or the website chat option. The UK headquarters are based in London, and you can reach out by email anytime.

Types of Tape

Tape Jungle’s specialty is custom packing tape. The most popular packing tape is polypropylene (PolyPro) shipping tape. It is versatile, affordable, and has an attractive glossy finish. You can apply it by hand or with a machine. The biaxially-oriented film is so durable that industrial warehouses regularly use it to seal their packages.

For an even more superior packaging material, you can order Premium PolyPro tape. This shipping tape has advanced adhesive properties that help it cling to bumpy surfaces. Despite its strong grip, it has a silent unwind and a slow-release. It also has a “softer” feel compared to regular PolyPro.

Then there’s paper tape. The adhesive is activated by water. If a package sealed with paper tape gets wet after being left outside, the tape won’t lose its stickiness. This feature, plus its durability, makes it perfect for long-distance shipping. Additionally, paper tape is biodegradable and made of recycled material, which makes it popular among eco-friendly businesses.

Customised Packing and Shipping Tapes

The best part of ordering from Tape Jungle is the endless customisation options. When you order online, you can customise your tape order starting with material and grade. Select from traditional polypropylene, PVC packing tape, light-duty paper tape, and heavy-duty paper tape.

You can simply pick your tape material and number of rolls, but the customisation options go far beyond that. For instance, you can print plain text onto the custom tape. Print your business’s name onto your packing tape to advertise yourself or design your shipping labels.

The customisation possibilities don’t end with text. You can also upload artwork in a variety of file types. Tape Jungle’s expert team will imprint your unique design onto each roll in your order. Many businesses print their logo or symbol on their custom packing tape. This allows each taped package to serve as a low-cost advertisement. It’s a simple and efficient way to boost brand recognition among your customers.

How to Customise Your Tape

When you customise your tape online, your first choice is the material. Standard PolyPro packing tape is the most popular, but you can choose whatever best suits your needs. Within each tape type, you also have the option to select grades including (but not limited to) industrial, heavy-duty, and economy.

The next step is to select your colour. Choose any stock colour or custom Pantone colour for the background. Neutral tape backgrounds like white are recommended because they make words and artwork clearly legible.

After choosing the background colour, select your print colours. Tape Jungle can print up to three colours on any given tape. Solid colours tend to print best, but you can choose to print gradients and shading instead. Each additional colour adds to the price, so if you want to cut costs, it’s better to use a limited colour palette.

If you are printing a design, upload it during customisation or email it in later. If your artwork uses multiple colours, Tape Jungle’s staff will be happy to help you adjust it to make sure it prints cleanly.

Once you check out, our Design Team will review each order and provide the ideal print-ready Proof for your approval within 1 business day. Once the proof is approved, Tape Jungle will print your tapes and ship them directly to you. Shipping anywhere in the UK is free.

Learn More About Tape Jungle UK

After decades of providing high-quality packing tape to businesses in the US, Tape Jungle is proud to bring its products to the UK. It is the perfect website for UK residents who want to order custom tape. Whether you want a few shipping labels or mass-produced printed tape emblazoned with your logo, Tape Jungle UK can help.

To learn more, explore the website or check out the custom printed tape page. Tape Jungle is looking forward to working with you.

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