What Is Eco-Friendly Tape?

The only truly environmentally friendly tape is made of paper. Paper is biodegradable because it is made of plant materials. Other common materials for tapes, such as various plastic films, foil, cloth, or foam, are not biodegradable and do not decompose and break down as easily by organisms in an ecosystem.

If you want to use a tape that is good for the environment and ecosystems, you’ll want to purchase paper tapes. Use recycled boxes, cartons, and other materials along with paper tape to be more environmentally friendly. There is no shortage of choice in eco-friendly paper tapes. At Tape Jungle UK, you can find various paper tapes in various widths and lengths, colors, and dispensers to easily dispense the tape.

What Are the Uses of Eco-Friendly Tape?

There is a long list of uses for paper tape for numerous industries such as industrial, office, warehouse, or hobby industries. The paper is easy to rip by hand but can be held in a dispenser. The adhesive is not too strong and the tape can be removed easily without damaging either the surface or the item being held or mounted.

Just as a small list of examples, the paper tape can be used for:

  • Packaging and box sealing
  • Sealing cartons
  • Manufacturing
  • Picture framing
  • Bonding of fabrics
  • Mounting
  • Temporary holding
  • Scrap-booking
  • Artist’s tape
  • Keeping blueprints or papers in place
  • Craft hobbies
Eco-friendly custom-printed paper tape from Tape Jungle UK

The paper tapes available for purchase can be custom printed tape, custom branded tape, and even business packing tape. This means that any text, images, or logos can be printed on the tape. Examples of wording you may want on custom-printed tape could include warnings such as “Caution” in any language and your company name or logo. These tapes need a water-activated tape dispenser, which is available at Tape Jungle UK.

What Eco-Tape does Tape Jungle UK Carry?

Water-Activated Eco-Paper Packing Tape

Natural kraft-reinforced water-activated carton sealing paper tape. Available in kraft brown or white colors, reinforced or non-reinforced, with a starch-based adhesive. Orders are sold in six rolls.

Where To Get Eco-Friendly Tape?

The only real eco-friendly tapes are made from paper. This is because paper breaks down easily, while many other materials used for making tapes do not break down. Paper tape can be found in various widths, colors, patterns, and lengths at Tape Jungle UK. Paper tape can be printed with designs or custom-printed with logos or words.

All industries and types of business can find adhesive tape, such as:

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